Board of Trustees

Mr. Dany Gedeon

M.O.I. Director General

 Mr. Dany Gedeon was appointed as a Director General of Ministry of Industry in September 2010 and still working till present. Also he is heading the Board of the Lebanese Accreditation Body (Colibac), a member of the Board of the Industrial Research Institute (IRI), a member of the Higher Council of the Urban Planning, and a member of the National Center for Vocational Training.

Before that date, Mr. Gedeon was gradually promoted in higher positions at the Public Administration, and worked as (Senior Controller) at the Employees Administration at the Civil Service Board for eight years (2002-2010). During his terms at the office, he attended many training and educational courses in Lebanon (National Institute of Administration and Development), World Bank (WB), Japan (JAICA), France (ENA), Malta (Euro-med),  Morocco…

In addition to his position as a Director General of the Industry, he is an instructor at the National Institute of Administration (ENA), and other Higher Institutions, Especially in Management, Public Administration and Law Majors

Mr. Gedeon has many publications (Principles of the Modern Administration, Management, DETEC, in addition to Research and Many Studies about the Administration and Service Reform and Public Loans in Lebanon.

He has a License degree in Political and administrative Sciences from the Lebanese University.

Before his current position at the Public Sector, He was working at the private sector and established and managed many Industrial and Trade Enterprises.