Executive Board

Eng. Nabil J. Gemayel

GM Gemayel Freres

Nabil Gemayel, a Lebanese engineer, born in Beirut in 1960; in 1981 he earned a BS in Mechanical
Engineering from Texas A & M University – Texas.
In 1982 he joined the family industrial company Gemayel Frères sal founded in 1929, pioneer in
Recycling and in Corrugated Cardboard & Packaging. Currently he is Chairman General Manager of the
He is also co-owner and member delegate of the board of “Société Libanaise de Carton sal” (SOLICAR);
leader in Recycling Paper and Cardboard.
He is Associate & General Manager of GEMDOUBS sas, a paper mill in Novillars – France
He is Associate in Norpaper Avot Vallée & Blendecques, a paper mill in France.
Activities in other bodies:

  • President of Libanpack, an NGO which aims at promoting the Export of PME’s thru
    packaging and marketing.
  • Member since its creation, and active in the “Lebanese Industrial Research Achievements”
    (LIRA) committee, affiliated to the Association of the Lebanese Industrialists (ALI), which
    aims to promote synergy between industry and academia to boost industrial research and
    encourage innovation.
  • Member of the Association of North-Metn Industrialists (ANMI) from 1994 and member of
    the board since 2005. Also, member of the Lebanese Businessmen Association (RDCL) since
    1995 and member of the board from 2009 until 2018.
  • Member of the Governance Council of Saint Joseph University foundation (USJ) from 2015
    until present. Also, member of the « Conseil Consultatif de la Faculté des Sciences » of USJ
    from May 2017 until present.