industrial-academic cooperation towards building a knowledge-based economy.

Our mission is to build effective cooperation between the industrial and academic sectors in Lebanon, through addressing the research and development needs of the Lebanese industries, to academically empower the industrial sector with research innovations leading to the promotion of competitiveness and productivity.

In order to achieve our mission, we:

  1. Match university research activities with industry needs.
  2. Seek industrial sponsorship for proposed university projects.
  3. Offer a national platform for potential new products and services.
  4. Help engineering and science students develop their research and projects output into industrial-quality prototypes at minimum cost.

Provide Capacity Building programs and incubation support that accelerate the successful development of new start ups

Vision & Strategy

IRALEB aims to create a platform that connects academic researchers & start-ups, with industrial partners among local and international industry professionals in innovation driven companies. Such successful collaboration can achieve high-impact findings and give access to new funding sources and expertise.

For industry, IRALEB is a platform that intends to provide decision makers with innovative research projects and academic collaboration opportunities among researchers in Lebanese universities, and start-ups.

For academic researchers & start-ups, IRALEB is a platform to find industrial partners among industry professionals in innovation driven companies within Research and Development programs.

By connecting top academic researchers & start-ups and innovation-driven industry professionals from Lebanese industries, IRALEB intends to become the local partnering Network of R&D to stay ahead of scientific innovations in Engineering and Sciences.


  • Empowering researchers in Lebanon in developing IP based viable innovations.
  • Creating business opportunities and exchange of knowledge between academia and local or international industries for the purpose of upgrading production processes, creating new production lines or products development.