Executive Board

Dr. Antoine El Samarani

Lebanese University – FS

Holding a Ph. D. degree in Environmental Geosciences from “Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie”-France-2003. Appointed as a full professor at the faculty of science at the Lebanese University since 2008. Chairman of Life and Earth Sciences Department for 4 years. Coordinator of the Master degree “Environmental Geoscience”. QA/QC committee at the Doctoral School of Science and Technology. Leader for the field geology training in Cyprus for Lebanese University students (cooperation with Cyprus Institute and Cyprus Geological survey). Coordinator of the Committee for Scientific Research at the Doctoral School. Board member of the Scientific Council of the Platform for Research and Analysis in Environmental Sciences. Associated researcher at the Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission-CNRSL (2003-2008). Research topics: Pollutant speciation, water and wastewater treatment, Mineral Resources and Environmental biogeochemical remediation processes. Director of more than 20 research programs, 14 Ph.D supevisor in joint doctoral programs with European Universities. 42 papers in international peer-reviewed journals. More than 1250 citations since 2003. President of the Research Committee of Universities Association of Lebanon.