Executive Board

Prof. Nicolas Louka

Saint Joseph University – FS

Nicolas Louka is a Professor of “Industrial Process Engineering”, director of the “Center for Analysis and Research” and “responsible of technologies transfer: University-Industry” at the FS-USJ (Saint Joseph University of Beirut), director of the UR “Technology and Valorization of Agro-resources”, director of the “Doctoral School of Science, Engineering and Technology” at USJ. He obtained his PhD in Industrial Process Engineering from University of Technology of Compiègne, Sorbonne universities, France. His research activities focus mainly, through innovative technologies, on extraction, dehydration, texturizing, sterilization, elimination of mycotoxins from foods and in the implementation of a new process for waste treatment. He has more than 200 publications and 19 patents. His experience in the design of industrial pilots and construction of different industries in France, Africa and Lebanon, makes him an expert in the field.