Judging Panel

Eng. Alain Nasraoui

GM Sonaco

Alain Nasraoui is a Lebanese industrialist and the co-owner and general manager of Sonaco Food Industries since 2012. He focused on all details in the strategic planning of the holding as well as the implementations of new policies and regulations which lead to a tremendous growth in the corporation.

Alain comes from a Business Management background after he completed with distinction his degree at HEC – Canada.

Despite his success in the Diaspora, he chose to return to Lebanon and invest his qualifications in the service of Sonaco Food Industries. He Believes in his family’s commitment to Lebanon and desires to develop and introduce modernity into the Lebanese food industry.  

Alain has been involved in public interest concerns which led him to be part of institutions and associations related to the industrial and political interest. He believes that the national industry, can leverage the national economy,

His Quote: “Lebanon is my choice and my choice is Lebanese” is not just a slogan for him; it is a commitment.